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Looking for a exp gain partner

Creator: Kneesurgery July 31, 2012 6:15pm
Kneesurgery's Forum Avatar
Jul 31st, 2012
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Hello fellow league of legends gamers,

I am currently at level 28 and would really love to be level 30. Unfortunately, I am simply not that good at the game as I have mostly spent my time playing co-op vs AI games with my younger relative. I just recently started playing more normal games where I was confronted by the fact that I'm just not that good at laning with a partner without direct verbal communication. This results in me losing a lot of games.

I would love to find someone to play with that doesn't take the game too seriously (Seriously, no ragers please.) and would like to have fun and hopefully either get to level 30 together, or simply help me bump into level 30.

Theoretically, we could then enter the duo ranked que upon both of us being level 30.

This isn't just a one person thing, I'd love to have many more friends that play League of Legends. If you're interested, just leave a reply to this post and I'll friend you as soon as I get it. Please don't just friend me in game as I don't usually accept random friend requests; however, my summoner name is kneesurgery.

I already have skype, but would be open to using vent or some other type of instant voice chat.

Thanks, looking forward to what I'm sure is a crazed response to teaming up with a self-proclaimed incompetent! (I don't think I'm really that bad, but for the purposes of comedy . . .)
AyushGarg's Forum Avatar
Jul 8th, 2012
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I would love to join you :D. Can you tell me your IGN? Mine is Legend of Ayush

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