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Looking for a ranked 5v5 team

Creator: Normalseekingcomponant July 7, 2012 6:42pm
Jul 7th, 2012
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Need a team who i can play with consistently. Ive got skype right now. would prefer not to use vent or mumble but ill do what i gota do. Doesnt have to be a good team, idc if your making a new team, as long as its consistent. I can play any role including tank and jungle.

Username "spadedeth"

Add me and lets get started, Thanks
The LZ
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Jul 4th, 2012
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Hey there, welcome to Mobafire.

Just so you know, there's also a thread
where you can post this. I think it's in the
same forum as you posted this thread. Also,
a good source for looking for a team, might
be if you engaged in the Moba inhouses :].

P.S. You didn't state which region you're on, you
only stated your summoner name. One thing you can do,
is to click Edit Profile in the top right corner and
input which region you're in. Then people will be
able to see it, when you post, if you decide to
become more active on the site :).
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