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Looking for Elite player for competitive 5 v 5

Creator: beren911 August 26, 2010 4:58am
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Jun 10th, 2010
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Hi, i'm looking for a couple of dudes to complete a team of 5 v 5. My username in-game is Beren911, add me to your friend list, we shall play a couple of normal games together and see how things goes. Having a mic is a pre-requisite.

I'd rather have french speaker, but i dont mind at all.-
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Jun 21st, 2010
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Hey I'd like to give it a try, I'm looking for a decent group.

Je suis pas une machine de guerre, mais je joue bien quelques personnages :) J'ai le même nom in-game, ajoutes moi.
In a thread about his own ban,
gabpin wrote:
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Go be a whiny baby elsewhere. Find and abuse the ignore button. No sense stinking up this forum with your crying.
shadows fiji
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Sep 25th, 2010
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hi i am good at 5 on5 . but i get ganged raped with ashe ...
but my main champions are ryze, warwick, ashe ... n deathsinger

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