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Looking for good duo queue partner (top, jungle...

Creator: UltimateHavok May 24, 2012 1:02pm
UltimateHavok's Forum Avatar
Aug 4th, 2011
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Trying to find some one decent to queue with so I stop getting players that go 1/10 when I go 11/2 (recent game), ect.
Currently main ap mid, can also play solo top, ad bot and some junglers.
Currently hovering around 1300 elo, but due to bad luck with matchmaking lately keep falling and currently at 1281. Top rating 1369, carried myself 200 elo in two days solo queue but just can't keep it consistent solo.
Not going to try and say I'm pro or should be so and so elo, I'll let my playing speak for itself. I do believe I can get to 1400-1500 with a decent partner though, and want to improve and go higher. But we all make mistakes, I don't expect perfect games every time.
Not looking for a rager. I play the game to have fun, compete and get better. If you're going to rage, don't bother contacting me. So basically, looking for a good duo queue partner to play with, practice, improve and raise elo.
I'd want to play some normals first to get a feel for each other, then we can go from there.
Preferred voice communication is skype.

Message me in game on NA servers at: Hävók
My name is Havok.
And yes, your mother loves me.

Check out my Katarina guide!
+rep me because I am awesome.

Thanks to jhoijhoi!
WarmShower's Forum Avatar
Apr 1st, 2012
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Hey, Hävók! I want to thank you for helping me on my laning. I'm currently 1109 elo with 4 wins and 6 losses. If you want to duo queue, I'm here :)

I have Skype and have a slight chance to rage depending on my mood. I don't let anger affect my playing though! :) Just know, I'm always available on your friends list :D

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