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Looking for players to play with? Play in Mix...

Creator: Jazzel July 25, 2010 9:48am
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Jul 23rd, 2010
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made new topic because another post were on wrong section.

Originally posted by BraiNPvP in LoL EU forums.

"Hello , im running a LoL premade ventrilo but i have unlimited slots , im offering clans there own channel with a personal password so they can play undisturbed with voice chat, if you want your own personal channel tehn message me ingame, if your channel is inactive or you only have 2 people in there for a long period of time ( a week or so ) your channel will be deleted."

Also we are running mix games, just hop on the ventrilo and join on LFG channel and people will pick you up.

Port: 8464
Password: lolwar

Notice: This ventrilo server is used for european League of Legends
shadows fiji
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Sep 25th, 2010
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cool ill check it out

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