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Looking for Ranked 5v5 Team

Creator: pvpleg3nd April 23, 2012 11:36am
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Apr 18th, 2012
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Hey their I have already started a rabked 5v5 teanm with some of my friends, but we need more active players, we havnt done any ranked games yet this is why im recruiting. we would love to have you on team "Lol in paris"

So here is what I ask

- Speak english well
- Play many roles but be strong in one or two in particular, tank, support, jungler, mid, carry, etc.
- Live in Ontario, because I am looking to get fairly competitive with this team it would be handy for you to be close by and able to go to tournaments.
- Have skype

So yeah thats about it, if you think your decent and are looking for a team let me know, I would love to try a fee games with you to see how you are and hopefully have you in my ranked team, thanks for reading,

Also if you already own a team and are recruiting, I would love to try for a spot asa jungeler, or a solo top position.
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Apr 24th, 2012
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im down my main is either Renekton or Volibear
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Feb 1st, 2011
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add me immagh0st

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