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Creator: Diabolus Sylvarum January 6, 2013 10:45am
Dec 31st, 2012
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I'm not really, but seemingly all the introduction threads named '' HI '' or '' INTRODUCTION OF BLABLA '' get like no posts so I had to make it snappy and '' fun! '' Okay but seriously if there are mods here, then you should MAYBE consider splitting INTRODUCTIONS and MATCHMAKING to two separate groups. JUST A SUGGESTION, NOTHING BIGGER THAN THAT OKAY, not judging anything or anyone.

Sooo I guess I'll tell you guys a little bout myself: Male, 18, from Europe. I like art, psychology, music (music is art but everything is if you want to make it is but yeah), asian cultures (especially Japan, I know, cliche, but that place is disturbing and fascinating at the same time, lot of good bands there as well, and I'm definitely not talking 'bout any of the 48 girl groups OR the visual kei bands, aww no hell no! Not judging thoooo...), ****s (love them, I mean not people who are ****s, but like ****s the male genitalia) aaaaand I guess I like video games a bit? I rather watch people play though, but hehe, yeah.

I came here cuz it looked like this community contains a lot of positive people, and that's what I'm looking for, friends too, I have been quite bored because there's almost no one to talk to so HIT ME UP I'm really fun! Fer realz! I also intend to find FUN people to play with. I am the kind of player who only plays for FUN, and I hate hate HATE competition, and I don't take LoL so seriously. So yeah I like things like AP Soraka, AD Lux and stuff, and like experimenting and goofing around. I never rage (BIG FAT LIE), okay, I rage only if other people rage. I might be really aggressive and offensive, but only cuz I think it's funny, like I might call you a big bag of unicorn **** but only because I really like you, or something... but you'll get used to it! My personality is what it is... like I'm annoying, sarcastic, aggressive, but I'm definitely a great friend! I am I am!

What else what else... Nothing really? Oh, I play on EUNE, but I have like 294832495 accounts on EUW but I never bothered to level them up cuz stuff, but I am willing to if you wanna team up and do some Twisted Treeline or something! Or just fool around idc. I like TT more than SR, because less people who rage at you. Though TT has a tinier pool of viable champions so that sucks but Twisted AP Sorakaline OP! I'm not set back by those VIABLENESSNESS things. I mostly play... whichever role is left, though I do not jungle, ever, then I'm just gonna take a roaming top or something... JUNGLE IS A NONO, I also HATE BEING AN AD CARRY, it's so ojfaksdlaskf. Everything else is fine. Though DOWNWITHTHEMETA INCORPORATED!

That's it. If you don't reply after reading all this then you are A **** my friend. A ****. Also speaking of ****s I do not play Darius even though my sig is Darius but he is just so hot I can't resist. Yum, wanna lick him all over. Yes I do!

TLDR: Hi. I'm new, I'm cool, ****s are good, let's have fun yes.
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Oct 27th, 2012
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Sounds interesting, add "Meiyjhe the Epic" EUW, and let's see how awesome you are :D
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