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[NA] ADC-Mid/bot LFT

Creator: Veniteo
March 4, 2013 2:53am
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IGN: Sordani
Best Character: Ashe
Backup: Teemo
No good at Jung, Good @ AP and ADC.
Favorite Ashe build: AD/AS shred...yes its both possible and fun.
Let me know soon.. would love to get into a bit of organized play.. rands are getting a bit boring.
I Am Lv. 20, and have played league for several months. As stated above, Ashe is my best character. I generally manage several hours of play per day.. mostly to tweak my builds and test new ones.. my newest being a shred build that seems very efficient.. makes jax flinch away late game. nuff said. Am willing to dedicated some time every day to play and/or practice.
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