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[NA] - Gaming company LF 2k+ ADC, Jungle.

Creator: RevengeBlade November 1, 2012 11:48pm
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Nov 1st, 2012
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Just as the titles says,

<Gamer's Abyss Delta Squad> is currently looking for experienced and skilled players for a variety of roles. We're currently recruiting an ADC and a Jungle. We're a serious team that is looking to compete in the future but in order for us to do so we need some solid players to complete our roster! We're looking for very dedicated players who are open to and strive to do our best, as well as learn from mistakes. We want someone who knows the meaning of competitive and strives to become the best they can. Anyone interested should make sure of the following:

- Proficient with 5-6 Champions in specialized role
- Someone who is applying to play the role they're passionate about and main (we're not looking for someone who MAY want to change roles in the future)
- Someone who is versed in counterpicking and knows how to react to being counterpicked.
- Someone who is VOCAL, and has a working mic with TeamSpeak/Skype installed and working.
- Someone who is also able to take and give constructive criticism (someone with thicker skin, don't be a pansy)
- Someone that strives to always improve, do their best and has a competitive attitude.
- Someone who listens to direction and also able to make informed and tactical decisions.
- Preferably someone who is over the age of 18, we would like to make sure that there wont be things that would prevent you from being able to practice with the team.
- Someone that has a sense of humor and can have a good time while being on a competitive team.

We're looking for someone who's wanting a serious team they can grow with. Someone to be a part of something great. If you're interested, fill out of the information below and send myself a friend request in game once you've done that. Our current practice schedule is Mon-Fri @ 5:30pm PDT, and Sundays for go4lol. Be aware that times are subject to change with the new teams needs and will be extended upon results.

Top - Konsilol(2309)
Mid - Pending Tryouts, either 2170 or 2140.
Jungle - TBD
Support - RevengeBlade(1550, yeah im low, but as Aphromoo says, " Support is just so f***ing easy!")

Were looking for players 1950+ at least and we would prefer 2k+. In order to better place us for sponsors we need all players to be able to achieve a 2200ELO. We have a team committed to get us out there but we need to perform. The same goes for myself, If I can't get my ELO up I will move to team manager. Be willing to stream.

Please complete this section if you are interested.


Do you have a WORKING mic and skype working on your computer?:
Experience (How long have you been playing):
Competitive Experience(Tournaments, other professional game experience):
Strongest role:
Preferred role:
Favorite Champion:
Your Top 5 Champions in your role:
Your 3 Weakest Champions in your role:
What do you feel your strengths are as a player in your role and overall? (Answer both parts):
What do you feel are your weaknesses as a player in your role and overall? (Answer both parts):
Do you foresee anything in the months ahead preventing you from being able to consistently practice? (Be honest, we would prefer not to waste yours or our own time.):
Why do you want to join our team and what do you bring?:
When do you think wards are a good buy? And when are they a hindrance to your build?

Only individuals that fill out this information will be seriously considered.

Thanks again!

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