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NA LF Friends for practicing

Creator: DigitalGaulte February 24, 2013 9:37am
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Nov 1st, 2011
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Server: US - NA
Ingame Nick - BAYKUN
Summoner lvl - 30
Champions I play best - Diana, Akali, Katarina, Vi, Ash
My Preferred roles in order of pref - Mid, Top, Jungle, ADC, (Need to learn Support)
Number of champions owned - 67
Runebook setups you use - 13 pages

Time I usually play - 3pm -2am CST US
What I look for and what I can give - I am looking for friends who would like to work with each other in custom matches laning against each other and working on learning and teaching new champs. Players who take this game seriously but do not have rage problems.

Ideally I would like to have a group of 10 people who commonly set up 5man custom matches to try new things and all work together to get better at this game.

IF you're already on a team that is no problem for me. I am not necessarily looking for a team. Just a group of like-minded people to work on mechanics and strategies with.

Please feel free to friend me in game and we'll talk.


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