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NA Silver III 3v3rs looking for 3rd player

Creator: Alestricken August 27, 2013 10:53pm
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Aug 27th, 2013
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-Server NA-
We need a 3rd player to help us up our rankings, currently we are Silver IV as we were inactive due to losing our 3rd team member however Silver III has been our highest rank.

We will take any players top/bot or junglers ap/ad it doesnt matter.
I play either Wukong in lane or Fiddle in jungle currently working on my J4.
Our secondary plays Vi, Fiora, Diana In lane.

Our main goal here is to further our rankings so anyone who has achieved higher than Silver III who can lead the way would be prefered. I'm not asking for Pros but someone who can show us new things would be awesome.

If anyone is interested in further information I am happy to talk more specifically about stats and summoner names but due to spam/harass from elsewhere I decide not to leave my details lieing around.

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