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Native Arizonian (is that right?) new to LEAGUE!

Creator: DJSetz3R January 15, 2013 12:02pm
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Jan 14th, 2013
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Oh, hello, didn't see you there.

My name is Eric and I'm currently living in Los Angeles, blah blah blah gamer this, work that, I am here to tell you about something new and exciting i found last Saturday. As I was browsing twitch and hitting up my usual SC2 channels, I found that LoL had a crazy 140k viewers! Peaking my interest I quickly found myself watching the Season 3 qualifiers to see exactly what all the fuss was about....

And WOW. SO much action, so much strategy, and overall seemingly balanced (compared to other eSports minded games I've played) game play.

I am very impressed with the LoL community and was very happy I just bought a PC (mac lol) to play League finally. I just started playing and would love to just hang out with people who are noobs and pros alike. I felt really compelled to stream so I will actually start streaming a ton more to kinda view my journey into this game.

Thanks so much for visiting! Add me and let's be friends! Also bear with me while I read the **** out of these guides (SO HELPFUL)


Eric (Setz3R)

In-game name: Setz3R

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