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New and Looking to get better

Creator: Vaktimus Prime April 23, 2013 9:41pm
Vaktimus Prime
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Apr 22nd, 2013
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Hey there, saw there was a place for intro's.

I'm Vaktimus, just started playing LoL like not even a week now. Its been pretty awesome so far but I know it's because I am in the early levels and it should be easier. I'm trying to track my progress so i can learn from my mistake but I would love to get a little more one on one time with really skilled players

I started a Blog on here to track my daily games and to keep track of videos i watch and guides i read and things that were helpful for me.

I am currently Playing Fiora and I am looking to stick with her for a while before swapping Champions. I know she's not really a popular top tier champion but I really enjoy her playstyle.

I look forward to posting on here and meeting a bunch of my fellow summoners.
Check out my Blog, Newb's Journey and walk with me down the path to not sucking

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