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New Group!

Creator: Pestilenceone August 19, 2012 11:50am
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Pestilenceone's Forum Avatar
Aug 14th, 2012
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After trying to join several groups and having little luck I decided to make my own....So I am just starting out :)

The Goal: Just to meet fun people for casual and ranked LoL play

Expectations: That everyone is respectful to each other, please no trolls or haters! Noobs looking for help get non-bashing help, experienced players meet like minded people to create teams with or a chance to be a mentor.

Who can join?..anyone gamer girls encouraged (come on girls we're at least 45% of gamers, time to roar). Of course we take fun loving guys as well. Again all I ask is everyone be respectful and non-trollish.
(no I don't like a ton of rules)


Group name : Geek Gank Brigade

Here is our new and in construction forum

Here is our RAIDCALL info
Geek Gank Brigade
ID: 4987892

Here is where you can download raidcall:
mattiecover's Forum Avatar
Aug 23rd, 2012
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so are you looking to try and gather a ranked team? or just a group of people to randomly play with? i'm interested in both haha. i typically like to ADC, Support or Jungle. however if its a non-ranked game i don't mind any role. IGN:MattieCover, and no, contrary to my name i'm a fun loving guy, not a gamer girl. haha

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