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Ohai There :o

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March 18, 2013 7:06am
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Hey, new to the forums obviously.. figured I'd sign up since I use the guides occasionally :o

Semi new to the game, maybe a month or so? My favorite champs are Teemo, Warwick, and Lux.

I am a graphic design student in Southern Ontario, I havn't been on forums in quite a while (about 6 months :o) but I love making sigs, I'm thinking I'll stick around a while lol. If anyone wants a sig, I'd love to get back into them, just excuse my rust if the first few are iffy lol. Anyway.. IGN is ShinyPumbloom (big shock) but if you want you can call me crock, that works too :D
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Hey there, Im Apollo, team captian of Order of the Sationable. We're looking for any player, any level, around the ages of 16-20ish, but any age is fine depending on maturity. We arent a ranked team, not yet. We're looking for players such as yourself to play with and create a better team and eventually join ranked!
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