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Practice Squad

Creator: Riuoken December 29, 2017 6:30pm
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Dec 29th, 2017
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Hello everyone. To start, ive been playing since around season 3 off and on. Ive been ranked as high as Silver I playing as ADC. The last two season I felt I couldn't climb solo or carry well as ADC so I switched to jungle/top. That didn't fair so well for me, I couldn't find a champion I really liked and still tried to rank without sticking to one champion. This resulted in me being Bronze II after placements last season. I felt like I should go back to my roots and play ADC again this season and have been doing better with champions like Miss Fortune. Paired with my buddy who is in gold, we've won a fair share of games as MF/Leona bot. However, I realize I need at least one or two more champions in my pool to play. Ive been working diligently on my last hitting, placement during fights, and placement on map as far as should I push, group, cs, etc. I think, even though it will take some mechanical work, that my 2nd champion should be Xayah just because I like her playstyle and kit. The problem I'm running into is that my buddy cant play a ton, so I'm usually stuck with supports/teams who aren't any better than and whom are typically toxic to everyone, resulting in not such good results as I'm still trying to be better myself. I seem to learn/grow as a player better when I'm talking with my friend, in a non-toxic atmosphere, and working hand and hand with him. So to bring this long description to its original purpose - I would like to create a group of people whom would like to play in custom matches and just practice on each other. Doesn't matter if you are great, or ****py, as long as you aren't toxic. We can all hop on discord, give each other feedback, and of course joke around. I've been playing for years, spamming norms to get better, and even though I think ive improved, I don't see norms significantly working for me as it does for others. So I wanted to try this new concept to see if maybe this would yield better results. I'm on a week long vacation, so I figured now would be a good place to start. If you are interested please just PM me - Riuoken. Ill be creating a club for us all to join. Also my discord is - BaneX2#0602 and my server is League of Lawls - . Thank you for your time!
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Dec 14th, 2017
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This year I started to play in the League of Legends. This game fascinated me, but I could not pump my account. I want to buy pbe account lol, what do you think?

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