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Searching for a ranked team , very competitive

Creator: HatachiClaud March 3, 2013 1:51pm
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Mar 3rd, 2013
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Well sorry for my english is very meh , lol anyway I usually play ranked games and once in the month with my friend in team , but you know they have life and i not x_x. Anyway i am very competitive player i like to play tourneys and ranked match for glory and prestige, so i am searching for a good team that are like me.
I usually play Orianna , i have a lot of experiencia with her , my kilsl per match are usually in 10~ sometimes i make more or less but never negative. If you check my profile in league of legend dont be scare about the loose > win, check my plays i always have more than 11 kills and very less death, but you know that i CANT carry a game alone and i Usualy have in my team trolls that no even know how to build their champs. anyway well I am mid role and my main champ is Orianna , but i can play any mid, i think she is the harded champ to master in this game and i did it , anyway no more blah blah if you need me add me to the game or skype and leave me your info of your team and if you are attempting to enter to the tourney of mobafire.

IGN= HatachiClaud
skype= bryan.vazquez3

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