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Shadows Grasp is recruiting!

Creator: theSignal March 22, 2012 10:43pm
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Feb 10th, 2011
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Shadow's Grasp is always recruiting. We play on the US server and have been in action since March of last year, or somewhere around there. We play not only LoL, but various games through Steam and this and that.

We have and accept people of all levels and ages, and have a wide array of people within the clan.

We also have a group of people who do ranked games. First and foremost, we want to get to know our teams and work on team composition so that we will be successful in ranked games. We have a "library" for people to post their champ tips, guides, and team make-ups.

These are the rules you must abide to as a clan member (and are gone into more detail below):

__________________________________________________ _____________________________________________

First: Respect

Second: Dedication

Third: Ability to listen

Fourth: No AFK or leaves

Fifth: Have Teamspeak if at all possible

Sixth: Have fun

Seventh: Forum Usage
__________________________________________________ ______________________________

The clan webpage is . Just sign up for the website and from there go to the forums. It will tell you who to add first, aside from myself. We have a main teamspeak channel and a back up vent channel, as well as an in game chat open so long as someone is on.

Last but not least, we love to have fun. We take things seriously, but there are many threads just for fun, and we do like to do team practice games against one another, and even have in clan competitions once in a while. If you aren't the type who can have a good laugh, or ever take things in jest, perhaps you should find a home elsewhere.

Please post or bump the thread when interested or even just viewing, if you are so kind-we'd like to stay towards the front page

Hope to see you soon

Signal Warden

(Clan leaders: Midnight Sighs, Shiguru, Signal Warden, AiontheSinner1 and Mosenwraith)

The following are the long version of the rules if you do not want to check them on the site. If for some reason you cannot abide by them, please find another family.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

First and foremost is respect. Respect not only for your fellow clan mates or team, but also to pugs and the opposing team. Flaming will not be tolerated. Playing around with the other team is alright so long as it does not interfere with your gameplay. Regardless of your age, act like an adult.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

Second-Dedicate yourself to your team. Try to work with your team not only as far as team dynamics but as far as what roles as a player need to be fulfilled. Work together, regardless of whether a superior is with your or not.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

Third-Listen to your superiors. If you are with one of your superiors in game, listen to them, they call the shots. If you disagree with their reasoning or their strategy, disagree politely. If you have nothing to back yourself up, then keep your mouth shut.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

Fourth-No leaves or AFK's please. We have sections in TS for AFK so you can stay logged on if need be. We also understand that life happens-there are some things that're more important than a game and come up spur of the moment. But we ask that you let your team know. There are also things you can't control-power outages, server changes to busy when you have to relog for fps, your internet crashes, ect.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

Fifth-Please have Team speak (download here). Even if you have no mic, it makes it much easier not only in game, but also to organize games. If for some reason you are unable to get teamspeak, or if you have no mic or speakers, and even if you do-join the in game chat!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

Sixth-Have fun. If we have some bad runs-oh well-we'll only keep having bad runs if everyone keeps up a bad attitude. So try and have fun and enjoy yourself.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~

Seventh-Forum usage. While this is not a requirement, it is greatly encouraged, especially for members who are semi-active, or who can only play on weekends, and so forth. After you join the clan, if you're inactive for three months, you will be booted by the system automatically. Logging in occasionally will prevent that from happening. Also, knowing your clan mates better as a person, in fun, and being able to have discussions about tactics, champions, or builds all help make a team stronger.
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Jan 25th, 2011
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wrong forum chief, do a little research
Thanks for the Signature MissMaw!
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Oct 30th, 2011
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Thank you to our Veteran member jhoijhoi for this signature

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