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ShortBus Terror Squad LF Support, Mid-Casual

Creator: Loven Drunk August 19, 2012 7:12pm
Loven Drunk
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Mar 28th, 2012
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Try outs are being held today at 9:00 Pacific.

Level 30 (This should go without saying)
You need skype.
You don't have to be great but you need a willingness to learn.
You have to be fun, Enjoyable to be around.
Able to stay up late. (We are a west coast team and we usually play together late at night.)

About the team:
We are a casual team with the idea of wondering how far can we take our selves. The end goal is maybe 1600 Elo as a team (If we do better awesome). We might play in a few tournaments here and there. While we might not be playing in any with a significant prize fund. The point is to have fun while making ourselves better.

To "sign up" For tryouts tonight add me on league (Loven Drunk). I will ask you a few questions about your roll and contact you when we are ready.

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