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Skarn/Nunu looking to get better

Creator: EnterTheYeti January 24, 2012 2:31pm
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Jan 23rd, 2012
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I play Skarner and Nunu and as I get closer to lvl 30 I feel I should learn the ins and outs of team play. I'm tired of risking getting matched with 10 year olds and people who use the word 'noob' too often. I would rather have a nice base of adults and mature players to invite to a game instead.

My favorite thing to do is impale champs and drag them to tower range. My dream is to drag someone into the laser behind nexus, but I'd have to be losing to do that..... I don't mind playing Nunu and have a better record with him than with Skarner, but even at lvl 20. I seem to be matched too often with peeps who can't solo top lane or who will take blue when I ask for a leash, so i'm stunted growth at jungling.

If you would like a mature fun player on your team send me an invite... EnterTheYeti.

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