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Support(can do other job too) looking for a team.

Creator: ayrad anegmar December 7, 2012 1:10pm
ayrad anegmar
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Mar 1st, 2011
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So yeah, i'm a support.. and i'm stuck in elo hell. Currently at +/-1100 rating, i can play any support(well not lux...) but i do main with sona, taric, leona and lulu(in that order).
I can also play top as garen/darius/yorick and adc as ez/varus. Currently trying to learn jungle too!
I'm est time zone and my play hours are usually between 11h pm and 3 am
In game name is Ayrad Anegmar! =D

P.S. French canadian but i can use english properly. I also love to communicate O.o
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Apr 28th, 2012
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Hey, we can duo queue anytime, I am currently 1580 and having a hard time going up myself. Add me up WannaBeP. I can play all roles, favourite champions of all time are Twisted Fate and Leblanc, but I do love me a good adc Ezreal and Graves. Lemmi know if you are interested.

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