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Support looking for an ADC !

Creator: Loar March 14, 2013 5:20pm
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Jan 27th, 2013
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Hey guys !
I'm a lvl 30 support, playing since november.
I'm bored to play with random adcs, i'd like to practise with a guy who'd know me and with who i can make some strategies !

I'm Loarzu, on EU West server, please add me if you're not a rage quitter or a flaming noob. I only want somebody communicative and who like play a lot (mostly with me :D)

Btw, i don't know if it's an impression or something, but i feel like less and less ads are going in draft pick pvps matchs... O_o I see a lot of supports, or couples premades bot, but no adc alone, or really not often...

For interested people, i'm a 20 years old girl from France. My mains supports are :
- Taric (for tower dive)
- Lulu (cuz she can make you survive in anytime)
- Nami (sames reasons but with a good stun if you can cast it and an ulti who can save a whole team)
- i used to play also Nidalee, Soraka, Thresh and Nunu support, but they're not my favorites. I think they have not all the Lulu's buffs or the Tarics abilities, that's why i don't play them often. For Thresh, like Blitz, i have to practise them more to become a good player with them ^^

--> I'm a very bad Leona, cuz she's not my conception of a support champ. According to me, a support champ is able to make you survive and give you some sustain / buffs, and i think Leona is too aggressive, too strong and "egocentric" to be a good "support". But she's an incredible towerdiver and that's why i still practise her.

--> i can mid, adc or jungle too, but i don't enjoy those games, cuz i'm not a good killer. I prefer focus myself on trying to make another guy get some kills than killing.

Well if you wanna know something else about me, feel free to comment or ask in private message.
Thank youuu !!
More souls ! Mooooore souuuuuls !!
Gonna catch 'em all !
Old Sandbox
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Mar 17th, 2013
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Hey Loar,

I'm a level 30 who mains AD Carry and I totally disagree with you saying that their aren't many solo ADCs! I find I get my lane stolen far to often!

My main AD Carrys are:
- Draven (Op early/mid)
- Vayne (Op mid/late)
- Varus (Poke heaven/anti-tank)

I just want to know If you play many solo/duo ranked as I am looking for a support to help to advance to (hopefully) gold tier by the end of season 3. I'm totally fine with you adding me and doing a trial match so you can see if my AD carry playstyle suits yours (If not I won't take offence).

Finally I would like to know if you would be willing use skype to communicate during a game as I feel it is a lot more effective to communicate in time (again if not I won't take offence).

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