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Support player LF team or a group of people to...

Creator: bowL3r April 28, 2012 12:56pm
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Apr 28th, 2012
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Hey all!

I have made threads on reddit LoL but am not getting many replays so I though I try here.

I normally play a support role in most of my games and enjoy the role a lot! But I can play a good Ryze mid too!
So am looking for people to play with who are as active as I am. I am on most nights from 6pm ( UK time ) to around 10ish. I should say am playing on the EU-W server

I play most support characters : Janna Sona Soraka Leona Taric alistar etc!
Just looking for some friendly people to play with and have a good time ever if its a serious game or not! But I do prefer always using voice-chat ( skype ventrilo TS mumble )

IGN: bowL3r

( p.s 18+ please )

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