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Team-Eu Nordic/East

Creator: PineFussy June 21, 2012 2:03pm
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Oct 28th, 2011
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Hello community!
I have been playing league for quite some time and the major trolls are really bringing me down.
I decided too make a 5v5 ranked/normal team, i really dont mind which. Anyways i play ap mid as my main role but i have decided to swich from ap mid and play ad range carry instead. So i really need a team too practise with in normal games before playing ranked games since u really really cannot get a support in normal games and therefore u cannot train ur ad range carry skills properly. Well my main ad range carries are:
Graves-strong with a leona support,maybe even soraka.
Ashe-dont know a good support matchup. Thinking maybe janna/taric.
Tristana-same as above
Urgot-really strong with soraka. That poke is so strong.
So thoose are basically my main ad carry champions that im thinking about playing.

If you do wanna take part of this little group there are of course a few things needed:
1.Decent english. Just so that u can understand. As you can see my spelling is not perfect but aslong as i can understand you it is okay. Teamspeak on skype or something wouldnt suck.
2.Be serious about every game. I'm making this mainly not too get trolled and i really wanna make the most of my time while playing games.
3.Lvl 20+ (you need too have certain skills..)
4.need your in game name below. I don't care about how many games you have won/lost. We will work on that together :)

Just fill out this info in the comment section. Also just ask any questions about this in the comment section. something like:
(these my details)
in game name:helpabruthaout
role:ad range carry
main champions: graves,tristana,urgot,ashe
main language/country:Swedish/Sweden
summoner level:30

This process will take a couple of weeks since i am on vacation while writing this. As soon as i get back though i will start picking people that has written the application thingy :D (i am not seeing myself as any kind of team leader. This is just too bring together a community of five serious League players).

Post your applications and i will review in a few weeks ;)

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