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Team Tribe Gaming [US] Recruiting

Creator: carbonmonoxide January 18, 2012 8:25am
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Oct 8th, 2011
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What is Team Tribe Gaming?

Team Tribe Gaming (TTG) is the flagship competitive LoL team for Tribe Gaming, a multigaming community that has been around for over 11 years. TTG has had tournament success in the past and ended season 1 with a Gold Rating (Top 3%).

What is TTG looking for?

TTG is currently recruiting for a confident AD carry to be a full member of the team. Additionally, TTG is looking for a capable AP carry for mid to play as an alternate for the team.

Mission Statement:

TTG will strive to become the most successful professional League of Legends team that we can, while following and upholding the Tribe Code of Conduct.


- To become a successful professional team
- To aim for the top and play alongside the best of the best
- Improving our skill as players, on a competitive level
- Upholding Tribe values (Code of Conduct)


- Constant attendance for practices and events
- The "competitive mindset"
- Playing to win
- Playing to improve
- The ability to handle criticism well
- The desire to aim for the top


- Consistency
- Skill
- Amiability
- Team synergy
- Game knowledge
- Proficiency in role
- Specific in-game skills and proficiencies including:
..........Map awareness
..........Spawn, summoner, and ward timers


If you are interested in joining TTG and think that you can meet the criteria above to the degree that you could be an asset to a competitive team, please contact Guibo, the team captain, in game.

If you are interested in the community, check out our site at

... our recruitment thread here on Mobafire:

... and our community application: http://www.tribegami...ead.php?t=17095

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