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TheDemonsk - New to Moba, Not LoL.

Creator: TheDemonsk February 4, 2013 10:16pm
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Jan 29th, 2013
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Hello everyone. Posted in the forums about creating a team but unfortunately not a lot of people responded so I figured I would go solo and hope to get picked up by one. Here is some info about me. Thanks.

Server: US
TheDemonsk -
Lvl30 - Been around since the game started (Remember when you would see Yi in the loading screen and say"GG"lol Goodtimes)
I am around 746 Games won - Ranked ELO was destroyed due to a number of horrible teams. 44W out of 91. Steadily rising.
I have taken it upon myself to practice each role with almost every champion that has come out. I will say however that I love Gangplank - Cait - Rengar - Xin - Syndra - Katarina. Own all but 12 camps and Am working on obtaining those soon.
Those are not All the champions I love but just a few. I don't mind filling any role.
I have 6 rune pages fully loaded for all positions and am looking to get more as soon as I get those champions that I am missing.
I play normally from 3PM (MNT UTC-7) to midnight sometimes later, very flexible time schedule.
Currently have skype(Iphone). Working on a mic for the PC.

I am looking for a team, duo partner, clan, community. Kind and respectful. Looking to get away from trolls and ragers. Anything that might help me learn and rise in ranked and competitions.
Hmu IG
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Aug 21st, 2012
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Learn to rise? Click link in my sig.

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