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Top/Jungle looking for Ranked Team

Creator: ixFusion May 11, 2012 1:17pm
ixFusion's Forum Avatar
Feb 19th, 2012
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Name: Kyle
Age: 16
Available: Whenever
League ID: ixFuSioN
Skype: ixFuSioN
Steam: Hemett
Main Role: Jungle / Solotop
Main Top Champs: Renekton - Riven - Olaf - Wukong
Main Jungle Champs: Amumu, Mundo, Nautilus
Description: Just started joined the League at the beginning of March due to the fact the Dota Beta was filled with some of the worst players I've ever experienced and the frustration was getting to me. I got 30 in just a couple weeks and have been doing a lot of ranked. I was 11-3 duoque with my partner before he got food poisoning and almost died and was not on for a week. During this week I soloqued and as some of you may know getting into ranked is really hard at those low elos. I was down to about 18/27, but recently had enough of losing and played my best role every single game yesterday in anger and won my lane/carried every time and got back up to 24/28. I'm a very friendly and competitive guy. I enjoy winning and I have done numerous lans/online tournaments for console Call of Duty where I went to Columbus for Black Ops and a couple local/online tournaments for Dota. My total winnings is about 1.5k. I'm aware my elo is a scare, but I can easily get it up.

Also what I did last night. The scores are not my best, but Renekton falls off so easy late game that it's sometimes hard to deal with.

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