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US Looking for Bronze/Silver Ranked Duo Que...

Creator: jaxtt August 9, 2013 1:14pm
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Apr 19th, 2012
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Hi all, my summoner name is JaxsTT

I'm currently in Bronze II. I'm looking for someone that I can que with and we can fight out of bronze together. I'm looking to always get better and improve my game, and I always play to win! I have a long way to go but I've improved 2 fold in just the last few months.

My best lane is Top. I can play any lane or any roll though. Top is my best, Jungle/Mid/Support are about equal. My worst position is ADC, but I can play it and do okay.

I own most champions, and I have 6 rune pages at the moment.

Best Champions: Tryndamere, Rammus, Udyr, Xin Zhao, Nidalee

I can play almost every week night, 6pm-10pm PST(Pacific time). I'm always available for games most of the weekend. Friday afternoon/night, Saturday afternoon/night and most of the day Sunday.

I'd prefer you to be Bronze II or Bronze I. If you're under bronze II, at least have an established game base.

I'll be online today (Friday) around 3-4pm PST

If you're interested , add me in game. Summoner: JaxsTT

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