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Well, hi!

Creator: EndTheWorld August 5, 2012 10:12am
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Apr 17th, 2012
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Hey guys!
I've been using the site for a while for guides and stuff and I just thought I'd come and introduce myself.
The name's End, I tend to use the name "Tempest Theory" for a lot of things, but I decided to go with this for here, it's a nickname I've used for a while, and just "End" wasn't long enough.
That said, call me what you want. "End", "World", and "******" are a few names I've been given.

And now, onto LoL!
I mainly play on EUW as "Tempest Theory", but I have an alt on NA called "Frogs VS Emus".

What roles do I play?
I main support. Hard main. I've been playing support almost my entire LoL career, cause that's what I played in DotA.
My main champs in that role are Taric and Karma, but I have all the supports, so I tend to play whatever support I feel like at the time.

In terms of other roles, there's not as much to say...
Mid: Orianna / Karma
Top: Darius / Shyvana
Jungle: Shyvana / Trundle
AD Carry: Sivir / Ezreal

Dominion: Hybrid Taric / Gangplank

Of course, I mainly play Summoner's Rift, but I do enjoy indulging in a little Dominion occasionally.

Well, that's my introduction done. I hope to see you guys around the forums and of course, the Fields of Justice!
I support. Hard. If you don't find me supporting, I am:
A: Extremely tired.
B: Drunk
D: Premade.
The LZ
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Jul 4th, 2012
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Welcome to Mobafire :D
Even though you joined a long time ago.

Hopefully no ****** will come up with some kind
of Tempest Theory that will End the World by making
us all obsessed with Frogs vs Emus.
"(Btw LZ, I read all of your posts like a poem because your paragraphs look like stanzas. It's rather amusing. :P)" - PsiGuard
"^ya same
why you write like that" - wRAthoFVuLK
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"Why do you write like that LZ?" - iownedya
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An artist originalising his work,
per say. Yet what have I done,
I have copied his work.
It's probably wrong too, but lolz. Keep at it LZ, since it makes reading your posts interesting." - ShiftyCake
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Nov 7th, 2010
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Glad you introduced yourself! :) I also play on EUW a lot of the time, even though my main account is on NA. Make sure to join the mobafire in-game chat to talk with us! :D
Thanks to GrandMasterD for my sig!

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