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Why hello there, I'm new and my names...

Creator: ZeHamilton March 18, 2013 3:05pm
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Mar 16th, 2013
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Hey guys! As the title says I'm a newbie, TO THE FORUMS :D

I'm decent in LoL and I just wanted to say Hi cause im new to the forums, (sticking around for the guides), I play on the NA Servers :D, I play ranked, but I always get troll teammates, especially for a league division promotion :/ , I find League fun, but sometimes it gets a bit boring so i go play other games.

I basically play games on my free time like a normal gamer.
And... yeah pretty much introduced my life I guess... just your ordinary 3.4 GPA student :D
PM ME if you wanna play with me! :D Play on NA Servers, will give you my user to add and maybe Duo with, or just plain have fun :D

My favorite champs : Fizz, Cass, and Ezreal! I play any role!
Thanks to LiLStormCloaK for signatures!+Rep If I truly earned it. c;

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