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Would love to be a better player.

Creator: Crun3143
March 2, 2013 3:34pm
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Ok, so just started this game like a month ago. I have been playing bot games and have a couple of champs: Yi, Morg, Mundo, Fiddle, Janna, lower level based on ip points etc. Have tried to play regular games and not ended well, instead of advice and tips I get ridiculed and degraded. Please tell me that the WHOLE mobafire community isn't like this.
Yes I tell everybody in the lobby my situation and I get jumped on right away, discouraging to say the least. The guides are awesome but without clips to watch combos I get lost on what to throw where. Example: yi, alpha, wuju, and r, then heal when in team fights to try to be the aggro? Fiddle team fights: fear, wind, crow, drain on the weakest target. Nope guess not according to those I play with.
So I guess my question or thought is why continue to play this game? Is there anything else I can do?
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u suckz unsinslallt nao plz nueb

Okay, I've had my fun. In all seriousness just stop playing bot games, since they breed bad habits, ask for advice on MOBAfire instead of during game, and SHIFT+Mute is your friend in any game.
It seems like your just at the rock bottom of the ranking system due to you starting out, so who else do you get in that area? People who generally suck and like to scream (I remember those days).
The moba community has a toxic area just like every community, you're just going to have to get used to it, what with the mute button mentioned above, it shouldn't be that hard.

Thanks to the very talented The_Nameless_Bard
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At first, you're beginner. It's usual people get raged on noobs.
But here in MOBAFire, which is a guide site, people could help you.
Be a better player doesn't go along with being pro in playing champions.
You have to gain experience first through gaming.
Everyone was a beginner at level 1.
Maybe your friends irl could help you. (don't know if they're playing)
But as Rhollback said, don't play against bots.
No-one acts as bots in normal or ranked games.
Gain experience by fighting against real players.
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