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B2° Looking to recruit new teammates

Creator: TheRealProphet April 4, 2016 1:02pm
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Apr 4th, 2016
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Dear Reader,

Back to Zero (B2°) is looking for new members to fill it's roster for the new season. I'm looking for like minded individuals that are not high elo preferably Silver and bronze. That are looking to step up into being competitive to put the time and effort to achieve a goal to winning in the LCS years from now.

1. Be Open Minded "Understand Constructive Criticism"
2. Most be 17 or older to be apart of this team
3. Show up to practice everyday "Unless family or personal emergency or technical difficulties"
4. Have a positive attitude "No toxic or flamers allowed on this team"
5. Champion pool of 5 or more Champs for your lane "Know what is in Meta and what is not"
6. Have a sense of humor "Enjoy the game and people you play with"

TOP - Unknown
MID - Unknown
ADC - Unknown
SUPPORT - Unknown
JUNGLER - Unknown

Team chemistry or how the Professional Players call it "synergy" will not happen fast this will take time. The great wall of china was not built in a day but with years of dedication. I just don't want us to be playing game after game what I want what I need. As a team discussing every game to see how we can improve as a team and as an individual player. I believe that if you took the time to read this all the way through your interested in the same goal that I have. That together we can make anything happen, that together we can make something out of nothing, that together we can make anything happen. As long as we stick together nothing is out of are grasp!

Summoner name: GIG Prophet
send me a friend request and will start from there

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