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BerserkTacos ranked journeys

Creator: BerserkTaco
November 29, 2012 12:32pm
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ello summoners! BerserkTaco here just your regular player :D for S3 im going to try to climb up in the elo ladders aiming for maybe platinum? idk some people just like to troll and make your elo suffer ill be recording games and then posting them here feel free to friend me and we can play sometime! and maybe when i get a new laptop ill do some streams even though im not that great of a player, i think itd be interesting for a low elo player like me to stream. ive heard of streams such as this well thats all thank you for reading bye! P.S. dont be afraid to post random things in the comment section i will try to read and respond to as many as possible :)

K/D- 11/6/12
Team- Sivir (me)
-Jax (top)
-Singed (supp)
-Xin (jung)
-Morde (mid)
Build- berserkers greaves, BT, Infinity Edge, 2 Dorans, long sword (building into madreds, also i start with boots 2 h pots and 1 m pot)
Comments- two spoke spanish so not a lot of team communication but we seemed to understand pinging very well and everyone did good.

Game 2- SURR
Position- Jung
K/D- 4/4/1
Team- Udyr (me)
-Ashe (adc)
-ryze (mid)
-wukong (Top)
-Lux (supp)
Build- ninja tabi, H.O.G, wits end, aegis
Comments- ashe left 22 mins in we surrendered shortly after, she had a whopping cs of 54 cuz she couldnt last hit worth a damn and she also blamed everything on her lux supp who did very well and actually tried replacing ashe as carry and almost succeeded in it ashe was 2/3/3 and the kills she got were kill steals and the assists she tried to take, there were only 3 deaths because we kept saving her from certain death alot of the time dying in the process some players just arent very good i guess well there goes my first win
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