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Company StarLadder.TV together with Riot Games...

Creator: Starladderlol February 11, 2014 8:16am
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Feb 11th, 2014
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Company StarLadder.TV together with Riot Games announces the launch of a new league in League of Legends.
The first season of the competition will be held in two divisions : "Amateur" and "Star". During the year, there will be 4 seasons , and eventually the league will be expanded to four divisions : Star Series, Pro Series, Semi-pro Series and Amateur. Division Pro Series will be introduced at the beginning of the second season

SLTV League of Legends Star Series - gather the 16 strongest teams, whose games will be shown live in the company of professional commentators. In list of participants, you will see 4 teams, who received an invitation from the organizers as well as the 12 teams that have passed rigorous selection skills. In particular, we see amongst the invited speakers the players of IEM VIII Cologne and WCG 2013 , who now plays under the tag RoX.KIS, the guys from Good Team Multigaming, won at Tehlabs in Kazakhstan, as well as a new composition of Team Empire. These and many other teams from Europe and CIS countries will compete for the opportunity to go to LAN- finals of the tournament, where 10 to 13 April in the "Kiev eSports Arena " top four will determine the winner . First division games start February 22.

Details division Star Series:
Number of participants: 16 teams Division Star.
Date of start of the season : 22 February 2014
LAN- finals Date : 10-13 April 2014
Number of participants LAN- finals : 4
Total prize money: $ 30,000

The distribution of the prize fund SLTV StarSeries:
1st place - $ 15,000
2nd place - $ 7500
3rd place - $ 5000
4th place - $ 2500 .

List of invited teams StarSeries:
1. RoX.KIS
2. Team Empire
3. Good Team Multigaming

Qualifying teams in Division Star:
The remaining 12 participants of the first season of StarLadder on League of Legends will be determined through qualification . There will be six days of qualifying, two on the Western European server (euWest), and four days on the Russian server.
European server (EUW):
Qualification # 1 - February 15
Qualification # 2 - February 16

To apply for participation in qualifying EUW server you need to send a request to mail marked "EUW".
The request shall include:
1. Players (name, nickname, position)
2. Team name
3. Team Logo

System of Star Series:
- Pie League: Each team will play with all rivals once, and the winning team gets 3 points, and 0 points for a defeat . All games will be held in online format.
- Finals: In the final part, which will be played from 10 to 13 April in Kiev, are the top 4 teams of the regular season. Matches will be played on the Double Elimination system, to two victories (bo3), and Grand Final - three wins (bo5).
SLTV League of Legends Amateur Series - Division for amateur level teams that are just starting to compete. AmSeries games are held daily , the number of participants is not limited, all you need is to collect and register your team, the first matches will begin on March 2.

Details of division Amateur Series
Participants : unlimited number of teams, registration open for everyone
Start date of February 12th,
Season start date : March 3, 2014
Total prize money: $ 2000
More information you can read in the announcement AmSeries.

All games of Amseris will be held in Russian server.

Go to battle for the chance to win trophies in the first season! We wish all the participants good luck, and may the best man win! See you on the Fields of Justice!

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