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Cryst4 - Season 4, Bird is the word!

Creator: Cryst4 January 19, 2014 3:13am
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Dec 12th, 2013
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Soo.. I couldn't figure out if it's possible to change title of thread so just made new one for season 4. As always I will be playing birdie a lot. Something like Kayle, Ziggs, Orianna and Twisted Fate besides that. Some sleepers that are waiting since don't really fit the meta or got hit by the nerf bat are Jayce, Lux and Veigar. Veigar probably one I will actually try soon after placements.

Besides mid lane, I'll try to improve my supporting by playing actual supports this season. Janna and Nami mostly probably.
Go-to adc will still be tristana, no changes there.
At top I currently don't really like to spend much time since meta, but if I have to it'll be Teemo/Jax/Nasus and would be Vlad if the wouldn't have completely destroyed him coming to season 4.
And as always I'll not be spending any time at jungle if I just can avoid it.

On Anivia changes since I now have been able to test those. Mana costs are great, you actually notice the difference since u can afford to stay in lane even after missed combo. Autoattack nerf though, I'm not liking at all. Makes it a lot harder to trade at early levels and especially now since it's new it can bite you in the *** since you do take minion aggro a lot easier.

So.. I started placements. Died too much otherwise went okay. Our team had good communication and while we were probably a bit behind skillwise we were able to beat them with good team play.

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