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CSA Gaming's journey

Creator: Thalia Kael August 3, 2013 7:12pm
Thalia Kael
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Dec 5th, 2011
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We don't have a fifth member yet, so we started by playing in 3v3s. We're also going to be climbing the ladder in 5v5s.

I'm our Jungler in 3v3s

Myux is our full tank in 3v3s

Monsta 3k is our carry in 3v3s

Byakuya is a noob that doesn't do anything as of now

Basicly what's been going on is that we let Monsta 3k take all the farm with a carry character like Master Yi or Trandaqueer and just let him do all the damage.

Me and Myux have been going full tank (I usually rushed a Spirit of the Lizard Elder first though) and with good AoE CC. Myux has played Malphite in all the games and I played Vi and Hecarim.

We won our 5 placement matches and they were basicly all stomps :

We got placed in Siver 1 and we're going to continue climbing up the ladder.
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