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ExamplePrime, climbing out of Gold Rank

Creator: ExamplePrime January 26, 2013 3:58am
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Sep 16th, 2010
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So recently I tried to create a blog to try and keep track of my ranked games, how I felt going into them and how I could have improved. Also to try and figure out the reason my team lost or won.
I kinda realised I had bitten off more than I could chew and ended up making the posts too detailed and it ended up just taking up lots of time and interrupting my flow of playing

I decided to change my approach and instead do commentaries on the Ranked games I play. Allowing to share my games with friends who are interested and see how I could improve my performance and become a better player overall

I've only two games up atm but if people could watch at least one and give me feedback that would be greatly appreciated.

Ranked Game 1 - Part 1:
Ranked Game 2:
Shameless plug:
I play games, I write stories. And I make youtube videos that are way to long.

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