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Help me! I'm a roaming disaster ...

Creator: Goglutin September 30, 2015 5:12am
Goglutin's Forum Avatar
Sep 30th, 2015
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I played LoL since only a few weeks now. At first, I thought that the learning curve was rather steep and do not discouraged myself... but after 3-40 games I must admit it : I suck and I'm a dead weight for my teams.

At first, when a game is young, I'm rather good at laning. I do not die often but I cannot get kills either. But as the game progress, I begin to die repeatedly in an exponential way. No matter if I focus tanking (Armor/Health/resistance) or killing (Damage/speed/abilities) I end up being killed way too much for what I get in kills ( usually 2-3 kills for 10-15 death). Seems like the enemy has always better armor and damage than me. I'm getting killed in 2-4 hits and I need 6-10 hit to kill them.

Retreating is almost impossible as they all run faster than me (and cause I have no kills I have no money to buy good items).

I suspect my build aren't right... or maybe I just suck...

Or maybe it's the character I played yet I do not play well (Alistar, Amumu, Garen (I'm a bit better with Garen)).

Some hints or tips to give ?

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Jan 21st, 2014
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How high is your CS at minute ~10-12?
Ekki's Forum Avatar
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Nov 28th, 2013
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Eistod wrote:
How high is your CS at minute ~10-12?
This. Getting farm makes all the difference if there aren't early kills, and sometimes can compensate one or two deaths. Are you familiar with lasthitting?

You might also have hit a smurf elo zone, where everyone is in his secondary account and you either learn fast or lose a lot of games.

For the time being I recommend you focus on getting as much gold from minions as possible, and maybe play each champion on its "most common" role. Alistar is mainly a support (go bot, buy a support item and let your ally farm), Amumu is almost purely jungle (wouldn't recommend him until later) and Garen is mainly solo top laner (if you're playing 2 top it's ok though).
VayneMuch's Forum Avatar
Dec 27th, 2015
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Have you tried reading a "noob guide". Here's one from a pretty respectable source:
Foxy Riven
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May 25th, 2013
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What champs are you playing? What are you building on those champions?
Are you dying under turrets?
Are you going all-in on your opponents and hope for the best?
Are you fighting inside of an enemy minion wave? (which deals a LOT of rathee invisible damage)
Look at your death recap screen and see what killed you exactly, and what type of damage it is.

My advice:

Place your trinket as much as possible on the most used passages.
Lasthit every minion. Aim for 60 per 10 minutes. Start aiming for more when you reach it.
Build according to your champion. I played every champion with bloodthirste and three infinity edges when I was level 5-20 and Fiddlesticks first item thornmail at level 21. That's terrible.
Watch streams! The only way to learn the game really quickly.

Have fun playing, it's just a game :)
(Check out my guides, they're linked to their pictures!)

If I helped you in any way, that +REP is always nice^^

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