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How to get out of Platinum (guide)

Creator: ibrius April 17, 2017 3:42am
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Nov 10th, 2015
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I had a hard time with my Plat promos ; constant throws and people just doing ******ed junk that I couldn't carry. Now that I've been dealing with these people for a while, I'm starting to learn a few tricks which are slowly raising my LP. My mechanics haven't changed much, but the way I handle issues has changed which helps my team get back in the game.

First, don't rage. Most people leave it at that: simply don't rage; however, this issue is a lot more in-depth. You have to actively lighten the mood before someone else rages. Once someone rages, it's hard to calm them down while also hoping to calm down whoever it is that they're raging at while ALSO keeping your same level of play and not missing cs/opportunities. Lighten the mood early, keep it fun and entertaining, and if something happens, work for the bettering of the team. If someone dies twice at top before level 6, give them some encouragement like saying that everyone has bad games or bad matchups, and ask mid if they want to swap or jungle/mid if they want to gank/camp top for a bit. If you're mid/jungle, be proactive and get them loosened up before they rage. Likewise, if your team loses a dragon and you know you can't contest, go gank a lane, shove, or do something productive instead of standing around wasting time and xp/gold watching them kill drag, then state the obvious in chat like "one dragon doesn't decide a game at this level, we have more cs and we're up a tower right now so it's even."

Something else I've learned very well. There are many games where your team has no support main, and likewise there are games where your opponent's team doesn't have a support main, either. If you pick up support for a game where the enemies have no main support, you'll win lane hard and allow your ADC to snowball which lets you roam and start making plays.

Third (and last for now), all four of your choice champs work, but as mechanics get better all around and decisionmaking gets better, your margin for error decreases. If you find that you can't out-lane your opponents with your main champs, your mechanics have to get better which comes down to number crunching, map awareness, and early builds. The main thing you'll find is that some players will still use an ability or will run up slightly to burst the minions before wanting to gank or b (or they're baiting you for a gank); these players still can't hide their playstyle when conditions change, so watch them very carefully and you'll find that they make numerous mistakes that you can exploit. Another important thing to consider is watching the game time; for example, if you're mid, you can bet that at 12:40 their mid will be pushing hardcore to try and grab their blue if their jungler started blue, so you can place a ward in their brush at 11:00 and prepare for it by alerting top and your jungler to invade around that time. Make sure to gank top at 12:20 to force pressure, and let bot know to watch for a counter dragon attempt.

This may seem like basic stuff, but when your team knows exactly what you intend to do, and exactly what you are doing, it makes their decisions even easier to make and harder to mess up. If you're better than the competition, become the shot caller and build up trust in your team so that you can decide the game flow.

I'll add a fourth tip. If you lose a game, decide if you're going to be top-notch on your next game or if you're queueing just to get a game in. If you don't think you can take another rager or feeder or afk, play another game mode or another game entirely. Sometimes I play on tilt, and I end up recognizing that I lost the game for my team so I basically threw away ~40 LP (lost 20 instead of gaining 20 for that game).

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