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Looking for a ranked team to go pro with in...

Creator: mcpiesburntongue November 22, 2012 7:39pm
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Nov 22nd, 2012
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About: Hey, I’m mcpiesburntongue and I aim to compete in Season 3, so I need to find a team that will dedicate their time to trying to the very best and win. >:3 I can bring any lane to the table, any role. I am most skilled with mid and jungle, but my kog maw adc is on par with any adc main. My skills revolve around planning and strategy, so even though I’m not good in the disorganized mess that is solo and duo sometimes, I can really pull through when the team works together. I feel my crowning moment in communications is probably when I won a 4v5 as Shyvanna. I organized a kill and steal at their Olaf’s red, then I proctored my team in a devastating early push on mid and never let the enemy team catch back up. Closing statement about me is I live in Los Angeles and I am 16 years old.
Summoner Name: mcpiesburntongue
Server: NA
Elo: current: 1052 top:1146 before you throw me out and aside like oh it’s just some noob who doesn’t know a thing about how to really play league, how about you read the section about Nostalgia and Realization created by Team Dignitas. So don’t just judge give me a try out and let’s see what it leads to, who knows we could make the next big pro team.
Role: I play mid as Talon, Kassadin, Malzahar, Ryze, Fizz, Mordekaiser, Xerath, Kennen, Cho’Gath, and Annie(I don’t like her, but if we need to I will play her). My secondary role is jungle where I play as Hecarim, Shyvanna, Sejuani, Kha’Zix, Jarvan IV, and Nocturne(bit rusty with Nocturne, but I know what to do with him if you need me to play him)
Microphone: Since I really on organization and planning I will require everyone to have a microphone, even a built into your computer mic will do. When we do amazing things in game together I don’t want it to be because of random coincidences and only random opportunity instincts, but we actually planned it that way.
Activity: I try to get multiple games in per day, which usually range from 5-10 games. I can guarantee that I can play from 3pm-10pm every day, so tell me how you want to schedule things.

So if you want to add me to your team or give me a chance, then please enter your summoner name and role you want me to fulfill -mid or jungle- then tell me a time and date for us to meet at so I can accept your friend request then and we can have a chat and a tryout for me. Or you can just tell me a time and date and we you could add me and I will be on. Thanks for your time; and I’ll see you on the Rift.

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