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Need info on ranked 5's team

Creator: fnuel September 2, 2012 4:04am
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Sep 2nd, 2012
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So a group of friends and I have recently began playing ranked 5's, currently on about 1k/1.1k elo. Recently, we've been losing a lot more games, even playing normal draft mode. We use championselect to counter champions, and generally ban champions: Shen, Karthus, Malphite, Morgana, Amumu, Alistar. We all have specific roles, and let our jungler lead the group so he gets first pick, in a hope that they might think it's our top pick.

So, our team changes every game, however we have almost a "base" of champions

Support: Leona - this is almost always her, as we play a kill lane generally, and destroy bot

AD Carry: Graves, Vayne - again, these two seem to work particularly well for us in bot lane

AP Carry mid: Mordekaiser, Katarina, Kennen, Cassiopeia, Talon - these are generally our picks, depending on the enemy mid champ. If none are picked, we generally go with mordekaiser, as he can play top, and is hard to counter

Bruiser top: Jax, Rumble, Lee Sin, Warwick, Garen, Yorick, Gangplank

Jungle: Amumu, Malphite, Maokai, Volibear, Alistar, Diana

So the information that I'm really looking for is, what champions really hold a team together? Is the key to a team good synergy? Also how do we counter teams with ranged harrass such as Nidalee + Caitlyn? And how do we counter AoE teams? Are there different types of teams? I search for this information, but get very little back. Any links to pages with this information would be appreciated!

Finally, we have started posting some videos up on youtube, and from this we are hoping for feedback about how we can improve our gameplay, although we have only really posted our better games on there!

Thanks a lot in advance for any replies I get.
Loven Drunk
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Mar 28th, 2012
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Well a big thing in ranked 5's is that you as a team probably arnt much better than that, with no team synergy higher elo players could pull a team up to 1500+, so I would look at the fudamentles of each player indivualy, how good are they at last hitting, how good is there desicion making when it comes to fighting, how is there build, and do they know the fudemental minion wave controll tricks?

The next thing to look at is as a team are you warding the map? The rule of thumb is everytime you go back to base you should try to buy a ward. Then were do you place them? Well I and most people will agree untill you start running certain teamcomps you should have "The Belt" warded. The belt is all entrances out of the enemy jungle. So if you are blue team top should ward tribush mid should ward thier wraith entrance the jungler should ward the bush along the wall next to blue buff and bot should ward blue buff entrance. Wards win games in low elo 5's.

The next thing is to decide who is your best player? Don't be subjective about this either. What you need to do is help your best player snowball once they start the ball rolling it goes. If your best player is your top laner practice running a level 2 gank top everygame. You should practice this quite a bit because when your jungler and top laner get that synergy you will see first blood top 80-90% of the time low elo. Is it your mid laner? try to focus ganking mid while it is hard its almost never impossiable (if it is dont bother). Have plays around your mid, IE:Have support ward their blue at about the 6 minute mark(If thier jungler started blue) then around the 7:30 mark everyone except top should be in the bottom half of the map ready to go take controll of it. If its your ADC you should again focus your ganks thier to make sure they win the lane, maybe give him a red buff early if you dont need it, Make sure its warded so that he is safe, and in team fights they will try to kill him everytime your job its peel them off, makings supports like janna and ali more helpful.

As for team comps, You only have two adcs one of which is vayne. Because of her short range she NEEDS a big front line so if you play vayne you have to make a team around her. A team comp like jarvin top cho jungle and ryze mid with whatever support perferable ali or leona will be tanky enough with some dammage so that they cant get to vayne(kog'ma has a simalar problem to vayne). As for other team comps you said you were having trouble with a poke comp(Nid+Cait), When ever the other team takes alot of poke like that you need a strong initiation for example maphite, who can just say i'm going to fly in and whomp all of you. You need to be sure to do it right away because they will sit there and poke you till they want to fight, dont let them. As for an "AOE" comp, the best way to beat that is to be able to disengage when you dont want to fight so having a champion like janna or even lee sin would be helpful most AOE comps run too much ap so building magic resistance also will win you the fights.

If you are first pick (blue team) make your bans around it. EX: We have 3 bans we care about as long as they are gone we don't care, Ali, Shen and, Malphite, but when you are first pick you can try to grab one so we would start by banning nocturn, then they ban shen, we would ban morgana, and for whatever reason they other team bans blitzcrank, so we turn around and ban nunu, Now they are left with a choice they get to ban either A. Ali or B.Malphite, whichever one they dont ban we instalock.

Hopes this helps you if you have any questions you can add me in league IGN:Loven Drunk

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