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Need Members for Competitive Team

Creator: HawkBeast January 25, 2014 12:04pm
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Jan 25th, 2014
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Hello everyone.

Here is the jist....

Our team is looking at the competitive scene, and will be entering amateur tournaments. We have a goal of reaching Diamond!!

We got a Solid Gold Support
We got a Superior Diamond ADC
We got a very experience Plat (almost made Diamond S3) Mid
We have some good subs at the Plat level for scrimmages.

We held tryouts for the Jungle and Top roles. We tried out 5 golds, 9 Plats, and 3 Diamond players. Although these players had high individual skillz, we just didn't feel they could help us in our team oriented goal.

If anyone would like to try and take Jungle/Top roles for our team, here is the criteria:
Practice 8pm CST - 11pm or later Mon-Thurs
Practice on Fri-Sun will vary after team is formed, and be available for tournaments!!
Although this is a team game, we still require a minimum of Gold statute for individual skill consistency.

IGN HawkBeast if interested. I will not entertain tryouts if the above criteria can't be met.
Thank you and GL!!

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