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On which account am I gonna climb faster/ higher?

Creator: Pflaum3nmus October 5, 2023 3:33pm
Pflaum3nmus's Forum Avatar
Oct 5th, 2023
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Hey everyone,
I haven't played LoL for exactly one year now and will play in two weeks for 10 days. I will make about 10 ranked games per day. My goal is to climb as far as I can.
Now I had 2 accounts at the time.
An account that was at the end in platinum 3 (before there was emerald) and had a winrate of about 53% (with about 150 games).

And I had a Smurf account with which I started in Bronze and after about 26 games I was Gold 4 (skipped all promotions). I was in the Smurf queue and got about 34 LP and lost 5 (with about 20 Wins and 6 Looses).

My skill level at the time was about between Platinum 2 and Platinum 1 (maybe Diamond 4), but no higher than that, although my gameknowledge probably went more towards D1 because I was really into it besides playing).

With which account are my chances higher to climb if I tryharde 100 games to 100%?
Both accounts have not been played for exactly 1 year and the Elo is reset.
I am looking forward to your estimations :)
Greetings Pflaumenmus

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