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Over 50% Solo-qeue games with 1-2 champ ?

Creator: Kupepe March 19, 2013 3:25am
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Mar 19th, 2013
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I was checking highly ranked people playing my fav champ to check builds and masteries/runes, through a site, and I observed that they played over 50% of their games with 1-2 champs. As a result the 3rd champ in line had a huge difference in times used for ranked play. How is that possible since in ranked games u are supposed to fill roles according to counters and your turn to choose ?

Thanx in advance
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Aug 3rd, 2011
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When playing 1-2 champs often enough, it is possible for a player to do well even in matchups which they are supposed to lose (note that, of course, some champions also just don't have any real hard counters). As far as "filling roles" goes, I've been told people at higher levels of play generally rely less on picking order and try to make a team in which everyone is playing the role they want to play.

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