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Tales From EUNE Elo Hell

Creator: KrolWiadrona January 2, 2013 12:37pm
KrolWiadrona's Forum Avatar
Apr 8th, 2012
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I decided to create a sort of a journal of my ranked solo/duo games, mostly for motivation and i hope a lot of constructive criticism. I know that in Elo hell everyone says they belong in a higher spot, and so do I;).

Right now im knee deep in sh!t (~880), really strange things happen here...My goal is to get to around 1250-1300 until season 3 ends. I also hope some of you may find some of the stories "interesting"- it's elo hell on EUNE after all:)The servers reputation is indeed well earned.

To be clear, I don't consider myself a good player, not much better mechanically then most people on this elo, i do sometimes idiotic mistakes that lead to losses, but compared to what happens in most games here it's unreal sometimes. AFK's, trolls, feeders, leavers, Karthus/Ahri premade bot(true story)...I've read all the get out of elohell guides, it's time to find out if i can carry myself out.

I main Jungle and ADC, but can play all positions. My mains are Lee, Jax, Skarner, Mao for jungle and Corki, Graves, Ashe for ADC.

Hope you enjoy this, and i really want some tips and criticism:)

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