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Viola's Ranked Journey in the Pearl of the Orient

Creator: Viola Orpheus January 18, 2014 10:09am
Viola Orpheus
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Jun 1st, 2012
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Hi guys, it's Viola. Now that I have (sort of) felt out my new term schedule, I'll be (hopefully) reviving my ranked journey. I have done a thread like this before, but it's been quite some time already and I have moved from NA to my local server (Though occasionally I might play ranked in NA).

PH is often regarded as the weakest region in League, and I would agree up to a certain extent. The skillcap here is arguably lower than the other regions, though I am striving to get better and help the region get stronger in the long run by being a positive force in the community (which is no easy feat because of the hyper toxicity of the community here). Personally, this region has a lot of potential for growth, and I'll try to help out in any way I can.

My current goal? Get to Gold. I ended Season 3 only at Silver V (Bronze IV in NA), but that was more due to me not being able to play more games because of college. Gold was my goal in my other thread, but I ended up not being able to reach it because I got too busy.

My current main champion pool (From most to least preferred role):

ADC: Caitlyn, Ezreal, Vayne
MID: Riven, Orianna, Morgana
SUPPORT: Sona, Janna, Zyra
TOP: Riven, Shen, Shyvana
JUNGLE: Nasus, Elise, Lee Sin


Bans: Amumu, Kassadin, Teemo, Malphite, Yasuo, Thresh

Short story behind this game. My old friend from high school calls me up on Skype and asks if I want to get a game of League with him. I say "Sure, why not", and so he invites me to an ARAM game with his classmates. Right after that, they all suddenly go "Hey, wanna go ranked teams?" I was asking if we could at least play a couple of normals first so that we could feel each other out (Though that was more for me, since I don't even know any of these guys personally besides Draven, who was the friend I mentioned). But they go, "Nah, we'll be fine." Then yeah, this team was created.

Pick and bans went sorta smoothly. I was originally worried because nobody was really sure where who's going where. I ended up going Riven mid even knowing I was against Lux. I felt confident that I can dodge her stuff and survive the lane, though I asked Elise to keep an eye out for gank opportunities since I'll be allowing Lux to push up hard. I fell behind in CS early because... well it's Lux VS Riven. I chose to roam more because it'll be difficult to kill Lux unless she's really out of position. Though, I did pick up a kill on her at about 10 minutes because I was able to catch her trying to snipe the drag.

Helped out top as much as I could. Rengar was winning against Nasus hard, but thanks to Warwick, Nasus started coming back. Whenever I died helping top, I was able to take Nasus with me. Sure I died as well, but the dog without farm becomes more of a liability later. My score was 3/2/2 until about 16-18 minutes, when a big fight at mid gave me a triple kill and scored us an ace. After that, me and the lion just manhandle'd the enemy team most of the time whenever one or both of their big tanks wasn't around.

Not exactly sure how bot was doing. It felt like a really back and forth lane from what I could tell from the comms until that big fight I mentioned earlier. After that, Draven was just able to nuke Ezreal down whenever they met in a duel.

Me and Elise obviously need to play more games with each other. We had some awkward ganks, and the most we could only do was force a Flash from someone or force them out of lane. Which isn't bad, but these champions were still ticking time bombs. If we don't keep them down, it'll be hard to stop them later.

What could I have done better? Respect Warwick more in general. I kept thinking his ultimate was down or underestimated his damage and died twice thanks to his interference. I think I did fine in laning against Lux, though I wish I could have farmed a little better. I was only at 63 creeps at 10 minutes, and felt really bad about it.

Once I come back from the province, I'll try to get more games in. Solo Queue or Ranked Teams in general.
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