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Why I think maining ADC is the best role for...

Creator: DvusIV August 3, 2016 2:35am
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Mar 12th, 2016
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I have mained adc since season 5 and have never struggled to climb. Yes, I hit a tilt wave every now and again but I'm sure that happens to everyone. At the start of the season I was Silver 4, although I was gold 4 in the preseason. After several months of abusing god tier adc's, I've recently just hit Diamond 4.

But why is it so good?

A good adc can carry a game with decent farm even from behind; the best champions I used to carry in low elo were Twitch, Vayne and Jinx, although I do not recommend playing Vayne at all (she's awful at winning). There are only 4 things that need to be perfected before endless climbing.

1. Positioning

Positioning is key to deal the most damage you can whilst keeping yourself safe. A good video on this is

2. Targeting

Targeting is also key to kill the optimal targets who pose the biggest threat to you first.

3. Kiting

Kiting is a must. Here is another good guide for you: From personal experience, I set my attack move button click to my shift key. Try it out!

4. Itemisation (this applies to every role, but is more important for AD)

Id like to hear your thoughts on this, sorry if it sounds a little scruffy, just got out of bed haha:]

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