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a dreaming vision of redemption .. the way...

Creator: TrueShrike February 1, 2023 7:04pm
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Feb 1st, 2023
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Sylas's Quest for redemption arc should have him release Xolaani into the League.

Sylas wakes from another nightmare, in a cold sweat. His thoughts raced about the madness he had just witnessed .. the judge's gavel banging out a sentence for punishment. Heart racing and sweat dripping from his brow he raises his hands while lowering his head. The fingers brush through hair unkempt past scars on skin, firmly wedge themselves against their mates. Hands clasped behind his head and on knees, Silas cries out for release from the haunting images. The cold shackles still attached to the wrist and neck have not yet been able to be broken. They were used against him, and now they are his weapons, yet they also hold the haunted remnants of a previous life. He wishes he could remember more but every time his thoughts begin to creep toward that mysterious past there seems to be something missing. He knows that when he delves through his mind like retracing steps, his mindscape forms the prison he was physically held in bringing rise to Nocturne and visions of Fiddlesticks attacking him, destroying him, sucking his soul out, and being cast into the nether. Yet, he cannot help feeling overwhelmed with some nagging insistence that the past will release these shackles that still are on him if he could follow the chain of events.. chains... chains like those still used to pull or demean and weigh down any hope.

He had heard rumors of a man able to walk through walls and mountains and it seemed to him if one could walk through walls why not through shackles? So he sets off to find this person. (Foretelling of meeting Sylas and Kayn)

<(preludes of Xolaani

#(overview of each major city, some of the structures, down to details, (zooming in), and afterward what was wrought or remade or reBranded) (various chain pieces both linked and broken and reused) (vision of how each link was later incorporated into new wars or battles)

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