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After 11 years I'm done, forever.

Creator: TopEnjoyer February 13, 2024 9:54am
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Feb 13th, 2024
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For the past 8 months, I've been in a vicious cycle with this game, uninstalling it in a fit of rage only to reinstall because, deep down, I can't seem to let go. It’s like being in a toxic relationship with a video game.
It was as if the universe conspired to hand-pick teammates who majored in chaos, specializing in the fine art of turning a potentially good game into an exercise in patience testing. It seemed like my teammates were on a mission to discover new, creative ways to throw the game rather than win it. And the griefers? They were living the dream, untouched by justice, despite my heroic efforts of sending tickets to Riot, armed with videos and screenshots. It felt like trying to get a signal on a deserted island – utterly hopeless.
I didn’t flame. I was the eternal optimist, trying to rally my team, only to have them stomp all over my efforts. It was like trying to keep a candle lit in a hurricane.
Then, the universe decided to sprinkle a little extra salt on my wounds: I got chat restricted for "unsportsmanlike conduct" and banned from ranked games. My crime? Declaring my indifference after my ADC decided to shadow me, turning my farm into a free-for-all. As Nasus top, that’s the equivalent of having someone eat your meal right in front of you – and then asking you to thank them for it. And when my jungle buddy decided to join the heist, aiming to snatch my plates and farm because I didn’t want to swap lanes, that was the final straw.
I’ve always strived to be the good guy in-game, a team player through and through. Turns out, that’s about as effective as bringing a knife to a gunfight in this game.
It's been quite the journey, but for me, climbing the ranks in this game has become an impossible task. It's not just about dealing with the occasional griefer; it's a consistent stream of them, on every account, haunting my every game.
Some might say I’m overreacting, but after 8 months of consistent griefing, I think it’s a bit more than just being sensitive.
And let’s not forget the saga of my ADC and jungle turning my lane into their personal playground because they couldn’t handle their own. That, my friends, is the kind of "teamwork" I’ve been graced with. It’s like being part of a crew that decides to drill holes in the ship to let the water out.
So, to my fellow League of Legends players who share my frustration, know this: You're not alone. But perhaps it's time we look for a game that treats us better, one that doesn’t feel like an endless loop of being the butt of a very unfunny joke.
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Mar 5th, 2024
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Hey there you're not alone I was going to make a new thread but I guess I'm feeling the same frustation you are so I've been playing this game for almost 2 years now I have lots of free time so I've played lots of games, I've done everything to improve from micro to macro, youtube guides, watching streamers, etc. I was able to climb to gold from bronze by spamming illaoi top stomping my opponent in 80% of my games to the point where the enemy toplaner became a minion, after reaching gold 3 i felt safe to play other roles that I master as well, oh boy I was wrong I was hit with the worst losers queue ever since I started playing the game going down back to bronze in 130 games with 58% of games lost which does not sound that bad but wth riot mmr system I'm currently +18 -31 so u do the math totally unreal, btw the vast majority of the games i managed to win was because I had to hard carry my teams and sweat it.

That being said the game as it is I love it, is a great moba with lots of potential but until riot does not fix the matchmaking system the gaming experience will continue to be **** rank for matchmaking is not enough, because as of today you can buy a fresh account loose all 5 placements and be placed in gold ??? wtf as to I would have to play hundreds of games in order to be able to touch gold again, how does that make sense? for us it does not for them it does a lot. that's why taking into account only the rank and mmr when matchmaking a lobby is braindead they should take into account more of the player's stats for example as for the support they should avg the supporst's vision score in the last 20 games as for the adc they could avg cs and also take it into account, as for the jungle they could take into account cs and objectives, etc. almost everygame is a stomp to my favor or not it does not matter is boring, is hard to get into an even and exciting game almost every game is a ff15 it really sucks the current state of lol hope they fix it.

I also stream on twitch sometimes in case someone wants to connect with me Twitch

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