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Blocked from server?

Creator: kidcider3 March 27, 2012 1:21pm
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Mar 27th, 2012
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So there are some cases when I'd like to play LoL and I'm away from home or my friends place. At times when I try and log in it will tell me it can't connect to the server and its not because of bad connection. I'm thinking its because the connection that I'm on might be super defensive and won't allow it. What can I do so I can get it without messing with a whole bunch of things?
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Dec 12th, 2011
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So, I assume that the problem is that when you try to play LoL in these places-that-aren't-your-house, the network blocks access. If this is correct, the only way to fix it is by messing with a few things, which of course means you need to have access to them.

First, check the firewall of whichever computer you're playing on. Make sure it has the LoL client added as an exception, or you won't be able to connect to the other players in the game. Since I don't know what firewall(s) the computer(s) has(/have), you'll just need to Google how to do it.

Second, if that doesn't work, you'll need to make some changes to the router settings. Hold the Windows key and press R. That will bring up the Run dialog. Enter "cmd" (no quotes) and press enter. Then enter "ipconfig /all" (no quotes) and find the listing with a filled in Default Gateway entry. It should be four numbers separated by periods and beginning with 192.168.; and are two of the most common. Put this number, periods and all, as a URL in your web browser. This will take you to your router/modem/whatever settings, where you can forward the ports necessary to play LoL. You'll need the administrator username and password to get in, so you won't be able to do this everywhere. Once in, find port forwarding and forward the following ports: 5000 - 5500 UDP, 8393 - 8400 TCP, 2099 TCP, 5223 TCP, 5222 TCP, 80 TCP, 443 TCP. If you're having trouble, again, Google how to do it.

Or, if you don't want to mess with these things, just stick to playing LoL at home.
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